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Lake Creek Austrailian Shepherds is nestled in the heart of Deadwood Oregon. We are about an hour from Eugene, and less than 2.5 hour from Portland. Sitting on forty acres of fields, and forest we provide the dogs with the ability to explore nature and to be exposed to the daily life of a farm. We believe in healthy, happy, well-rounded dogs. Not only do we provide people with dogs that may become family, but dogs that will perform the tasks that they are bred for and love.  Here at Lake Creek Aussies, we hope to find the companion or working dog that you are looking for. Call or email to receive information about our dogs, and facility. 

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Aussies or Australian Shepherd

Aussies or Australian Shepherds

Aussies, also known as Australian Shepherds are well known to be an intelligent breed with strong herding and guarding instincts. 

The Australian Shepherd is real looker who stands out from the crowd. With a medium length coat and dazzling eyes of brown, yellow, blue, green or amber. As a herding dog, Aussies make life an adventure with lots of energy and love of adventure.
Great for a family pet and companion!

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