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About Lake Creek Aussies in Oregon

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Lake Creek Aussies is a small family ran kennel located in the Coast Range of Western Oregon. Our vision was to raise healthy, smart, correct Australian Shepherds; in 2015 this vision came together. Although newer to the Australian Shepherd breed our family has been raising dogs for over 20 years.  'Raising someone's next best friend is so rewarding' a job we take very serious. Every effort is put in to our breeding program and our puppies from the time they are born until they are placed in their new homes.

Aussies are a very versatile breed, they were originally bred for herding but their love for human interaction makes them a very loyal and loving companion, which is why we fell in love with the breed. We feel that Aussies should be as true to the breed standard as possible, and although not all will posses the same instinct or drive as another, Aussies were not bred to be a "Labrador" type personality. Because of this,  they do require daily exercise and mental stimulation. If you are considering an Aussie for your next breed please make sure you are able to give them the adequate amount of time and exercise they will need. They want to be with their person and do not do well being alone for long periods of time.

We raise around four litters a year breeding only genetically tested dogs, which also will have x ray exams of their hips and elbows and thorough eye tests prior to being bred. We will never over breed as their health is our highest priority, because of this we probably won't always have puppies available but waiting lists are available if you feel our program is the right fit. 

Happy healthy, intelligent dogs, that will either become your new family member or your new working companion- Lake Creek Aussies


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